06 June 2023

This Australian first study (from Western Health and Deakin University) aimed to understand the recovery process from COVID-19 from the patients’ perspective in order to better shape public health responses.

McMonty Isolation Hood

09 September 2022

Dr McGain, who is also an honorary with the University of Melbourne, collaborated with his colleague Professor Jason Monty, Head of Mechanical Engineering at the Melbourne School of Engineering, who specialises in fluid mechanics.

Arlene Wake Fellowship

07 July 2022

Dr Rinky Giri and Dr Neville Tan are the recipients of the inaugural Arlene Wake Fellowship, who are set to receive funds to pursue further research studies in the area of chronic disease.

CD IMPACT: Western Health leads electronic technology targeting chronic disease detection and management

06 June 2022

Western Health researchers, with a team led by A/Prof Craig Nelson, have been collaborating with general practitioners and researchers from the University of Melbourne and Victoria University to develop and test an electronic tool-based intervention targeting the detection and management of chronic disease in general practice.

World Brain Day

05 May 2022

People around the world celebrate World Brain Day on July 22 of every year.

Tackling issues for patients facing severe disadvantage

04 April 2018

A young person on dialysis has 1,000 times the risk of heart disease and often patients die of heart disease before even going to dialysis. Often these patients face severe disadvantage.