What is the project about?

Nationally, deaths from asthma are twice as high in those from areas of disadvantage, in younger patients and those from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)communities. Poor asthma control often results in frequent hospital visits, and time away from work and school, and these findings are reflected in our community. While we have simple, effective strategies to manage asthma, they are not successfully integrated into clinical practice. We have shown that an early intervention asthma nurse led education programme can improve asthma control and reduce flare-ups.  This study aims to build on this by partnering with CALD communities to trial a specific linguistically and culturally tailored asthma education programme to improve asthma outcomes.

Who’s involved?

The ABC-CALD is conducted by investigators from the Western Health Chronic Disease Alliance who are passionate about working together to improve health outcomes for the West. It is led by Associate Professor Lata Jayaram , funded by Asthma Australia and supported by Western Health.

What are the anticipated outcomes?

We hope that this tailored early intervention programme combined with ongoing support will improve asthma control within our CALD communities.