World Brain Day 2023: Brain Health and Disability

People around the world celebrate World Brain Day on July 22 of every year. This is one of the most important annual celebrations in the world, as it helps raise awareness on an increasingly significant health issue, especially in our modern age. Brain health can refer to many prevention methods designed to help preserve both mental health and brain neurological health. As people have become increasingly more vulnerable to neurological issues, raising awareness of the issue is as important.

The World Federation of Neurorehabilitation (WFN) World Brain Day (WBD) was launched in 2014. Since then, the WFN, jointly with other international societies such as International League Against Epilepsy, World Stroke Organization, the International Headache Society, and the Movement Disorders Society selects a topic with a view to drive home the importance of brain health and promoting better neurological care globally. (

For 2023, the WFN selected Brain Health and Disability, continuing our efforts to drive awareness for brain health, and also aligning with the WHO efforts to fight disability worldwide. Disability can be prevented, rehabilitated, and also needs to be under neurological care in chronic and chronic progressive diseases.

Tissa Wijeratne and David Dodick are Co-Chairs of World Brain Day for the WFN. Steven Lewis is Secretary General of the WFN and Wolfgang Grisold is President of the WFN.