What is the project about?

There is strong evidence that tailored exercise reduces falls in older people. However, many older people do not do sufficient exercise to reduce their risk of falls. Most programs and resources to support older people engage in exercise have predominantly been developed for people from English speaking backgrounds. We are currently co-designing a program, Move Together, to increase the uptake of exercise to reduce falls in older people from Italian, Arab and Chinese communities. We will then run a pilot trial to test the feasibility of delivering the program, followed by a larger trial to evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Move Together, and develop strategies to support implementation.

The project has received funding from the Medical Research Future Fund.


Who is involved in the project?

The project is overseen by an interdisciplinary research team composed of key stakeholders including researchers, clinicians, consumers, and organisations with strong links to CALD communities.


We are currently recruiting older people at risk of falls from Italian, Arabic speaking and Chinese communities, their caregivers, and professionals who work with these communities (including clinicians, policy makers and service managers). The research team will collaborate with participants to develop the MOVE Together program for older people from CALD communities.

What are the anticipated outcomes of the project?

The key output will be an intervention (MOVE Together) that has been collaboratively developed to increase the uptake of tailored exercise to improve function and reduce falls in older people with from CALD communities and has demonstrated effectiveness. The program will include specific strategies to support behaviour change and development of exercise habits, resources for older people from the three culturally and linguistically diverse groups and resources to support implementation, which will facilitate rapid translation into clinical practice

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