The Cardiology Unit continues to develop its research program in association with key areas of clinical service.

This year saw an unprecedented number of abstract presentations at the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, as well as the inauguration of two prizes for advanced trainee research, including the Robert Newman Prize for best abstract.

In terms of investigator-led studies, observational clinical service research in heart failure remains a priority, whereas two pilot randomised controlled trials were commenced.

In addition to the link with the University of Melbourne Department of Medicine – Western Precinct, collaborative ties with Victoria University, Monash University and the Baker Institute were strengthened. The unit looks forward to ongoing increased growth and research output in the year to come.



  • A Cardiogeriatric Model of Care: Prospective Assessment of a New Method of Care for Elderly Patients Admitted with Heart Failure

Researchers: A/Prof Nicholas Cox and A/Prof Christopher Neil

Collaborators: Prof Edward Janus, Dr Claire Long and Dr Sara Vogrin

This study evaluates the impact of a novel model of care, targeting the elderly patient with heart failure, on outcomes at follow-up. This will help us identify problems in our treatment in contrast to other patients within our predominantly adult service system.

  • Optimising Clinical and Functional Outcomes in Older Adults with CHF Using the Peripheral Remodelling Through Intermittent Muscular Exercise (PRIME) Approach

Researchers: A/Prof Christopher Neil and Catherine Giuliano

Collaborators: Prof Jason Allen, ISEAL and Victoria University

This study will evaluate the feasibility of a more tolerable method of low intensity resistance training for elderly heart failure patients. This study aims to address a gap in the provision of supervised exercise training to frailer patients and may inform future studies.


  • Effects of Dietary Inorganic Nitrate Supplementation on Exercise in Heart Failure

Researcher: A/Prof Christopher Neil

Collaborators: Prof Jason Allen, ISEAL and Victoria University

This study will evaluate the effects of nitrate-rich beetroot juice in patients with heart failure, exploring reported beneficial effects on exercise capacity and vascular function. This study may lead to a simple dietary means of extending functional capacity in patients with HF.


  • Determinants of death associated with out of hospital cardiac arrest in a single tertiary hospital

Researchers: A/Prof Nicholas Cox, Dr Dion Stub and Dr Justin Cole

This study examines real world predictors of outcome in a large cohort of patients     surviving initial cardiac arrest. This work will help us better understand our patients and practice, locally.


  • Screening for Asymptomatic Coronary Heart Disease in Siblings of Young Myocardial Infarction Patients

Researchers: Dr Nadim Shah, A/Prof Kean Soon and A/Prof Chiew Wong

Collaborator: Prof Anne-Maree Kelly

This cross-sectional study looked at siblings of patients with premature coronary events, treated at Western Health, demonstrating the presence of asymptomatic coronary plaque. This study adds to the literature and may inform future studies in the field CT coronary arteriography



  • Western Health Research Week Grant

Dr Michael Seman. Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Patients Hospitalised with Heart Failure. Outcomes and Cost Analysis. Western Health Foundation, $20,000 (YEAR).

  • Vanguard Heart Foundation Grants

Dion Stub. The Role of Coronary Angiography in Cardiac Arrest Obtained. Vanguard Heart Foundation, $75,000 (YEAR).

Michael Wong. The PaceKiD Study: Pacemaker Implantation in Kidney Disease. Vanguard Heart Foundation, $75,000.

Chris Neil. BEET HF Dietary Inorganic Nitrate in CHF. Vanguard Heart Foundation, $75,000 (YEAR).

Chris Neil and Prof Ralph Maddison (Deakin). Improving Self-Management of Heart Failure. Vanguard Heart Foundation, $75,000.

  • Alfred Trust

William Chan (PI). Doxycycline Use to Protect the Heart and Reduce the Net Injury in STEMI Patients. Alfred Trust, $95,000.



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